May all your bacon burn
18 years.
Find your happiness.
I have this whole “fat ugly nerd” thing down for college. It’s great. My acne hasn’t been this bad since I was 14. (This is me with makeup on btw)


자꾸만 네가 떠올라, Sinking of you, Daehyun Kim, 2010
The Korean title translates into “i keep thinking of you,” but it literally means “you keep floating up”
and then the English title is “Sinking of you”
so when you think of another person, that mentally woven image will float up to the surface beyond your reach
while you are weighted down by your own obsession



Ondrash Tattoo

this is too sick


Perhaps you swam your way to the surface
of one of those vivid dreams
that come with too much wine and too little warning
and you wonder how unspoken words can echo
and you wonder how your hand can be warm
when it’s been so long since someone took it
allowed your…